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How therapy can help


There are many ways therapy can help. As every client will have their own goals and focus areas, what will be the most helpful aspect of therapy can vary a great deal between people. However, some of the broader, helpful aspects of therapy are listed below. Personal therapy can help you to:

Understand the underlying cause(s) of presenting difficulties. Being able to better understand the links between current difficulties and their underlying causes can often feel empowering, as well as provide you with new insight into yourself as a person. Such insight can be useful in a wide range of areas, including in personal relationships, in your career or in self-development. 

Develop useful strategies to help manage presenting difficulties. While working towards your goals in therapy, we can also identify useful strategies that work for you in managing presenting difficulties outside of the therapy room. This can often feel empowering and provide a sense of regaining control in your life.

Heal and move on from difficult life events. Experiencing something difficult or traumatic can impact on your life in a multitude of ways, including your thoughts, emotional life, your relationships, your health and how you feel about the future. Sometimes, clients might seek out therapy while they are still in crisis, other times straight afterwards, or even many years down the line. Whatever stage you are currently at, personal therapy can help the healing process and provide the support you need to move forward with your life. 

Feel supported in a non-judgemental space. Sometimes, our difficulties can feel daunting to talk about with others and linked with feelings of shame or embarrassment. Personal therapy can offer a space where these difficulties can be discussed openly and managed without fear of judgement. As a therapist, this is a big part of my job to facilitate for my clients. 

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