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How I work with gaming


As a practitioner knowledgeable about video gaming and gamer culture, there are many reasons why I might work with video gaming as part of therapy.

Some clients might want a therapist that is knowledgeable about gaming because they themselves work

  • In the gaming industry

  • In e-sports

  • As a streamer

  • As a YouTuber or blogger/vlogger focused on gaming



Seeing a therapist that is non-judgemental and informed about the challenges related to these occupations can be reassuring and helpful to the therapeutic work.

Others might be avid hobby gamers and would prefer a therapist that is knowledgeable about video gaming and non-judgemental towards gaming being a significant part of their life.

Considering the ongoing moral panic surrounding video gaming, feeling reassured that they would not need to explain or defend their gaming hobby to a therapist can help clients feel more at ease and able to make better use of their therapy.   

Finally, some clients might want to include their video gaming or experiences in digital spaces as a part of their therapy. As a practitioner, I am open to the possibility of engaging with any aspect related to video gaming that feels helpful to you in our work together.

Video gaming in therapy
How i work with problem gaming


When working with clients wishing to address their problematic video gaming in therapy, our main focus is on identifying, addressing and managing the underlying cause(s) of this behaviour.


Underlying causes can vary significantly between individuals, but common issues include depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, problems at work or school and lacking motivation, meaning or purpose in life.

While working through underlying problems, we also identify helpful strategies to cut down on the problematic video gaming behaviour.

It is important to note that while some individuals might want to quit gaming entirely, others might simply want to cut down on their gaming, or perhaps quit playing one specific game or game genre (e.g. First Person Shooter (FPS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG)). What will be the specific goal(s) or focus of our work together is something we agree upon collaboratively at the beginning of therapy.

Video gaming addiction in therapy
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